WoodSon Electrical Solutions is responsible for complete audio visual system implementation including engineering audio video design, programming, av equipment installation and supply, quality control testing, space and implementation. We have structured our project management team to consistently deliver complete audio visual systems on time and on budget.

Today's home wiring includes wire for electrical, data, telephone, audio, and video.

Building a new house, or doing major renovations, provides the best time to consider installing a basic structured wiring package. Installation costs are significantly reduced when your walls are open. Even if you are not interested in computer networking or whole home video, its important to think of how the housing market will evolve, and to consider that the future buyer of your house may desire these features. Wire your home for the basics or the technology of the future.

What is structured wiring? Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe different types of wiring products that distribute signals throughout a home. Signal types like, cable television, telephones, and computer networks are common examples.

Other practical examples include:

• Listen to your stereo in any room of your home.
• Play a DVD in one room, and watch it on any other TV in the home.
• Place video cameras at your front door and in the baby's room and watch on any TV.
• Exchange files between all computers in the home.
• Hook multiple computers up to a single internet connection.
• Share printers and fax machines.
• Have multiple phone lines.
• Easily make adjustments to these options as your family's needs change.

How does it work? Think of a structured wiring system in terms of your homes electrical system. Electricity flows into your house through a main power cable feed. This cable connects to a circuit breaker box, where it is separated and sent down smaller electric lines. These lines wind their way through your walls ending at power outlets placed throughout your home.

A structured wiring system functions similar to this. All external data lines (cable television, telephone, or internet) come into the house and are connected directly to a central control box, usually the size of a large electric circuit breaker panel, and is placed in a similar location. Within the control box, each signal is split and sent to multiple rooms in the house. Typically the central control box will also contain a signal amplifier. This device makes sure each outgoing signal is as strong as the incoming signal.


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